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Lid Sid
  • Lid Sid
  • Monkey Business
  • Code: MB429_Group
  • Letting off steam! Lid Sid will keep the covers of your pots and pans open when they need some air, and will raise smiles whenever you use him. Pack of 2 - red & white
  • Suggested retail price CAD $15.99
Hug Doug
  • Hug Doug
  • Monkey Business
  • Code: MB811
  • Say hello to Hug Doug. He’s never gonna give you up. He’s never gonna let you down. He’s never gonna let go of your soup spoon. 
  • Suggested retail price CAD $13.99
Corkers Pino
  • Corkers Pino
  • Monkey Business
  • Code: MB868_Group
  • Our latest addition to the Corkers range comes from the land of great stories. Just add a cork and pin Pino to life, just like Geppeto did to his cousin.
  • Suggested retail price CAD $5.99
  • Corkers-Animals
  • Monkey Business
  • Code: MB422_Group
  • Wine-life of the dinner table! These party animals spark up your dinner and make the best out of your wine corks. Available in 6 designs: Monkey, Deer, Buffalo, Bear, Bunny and Crow. Displayer contains 6 x 6 styles.
  • Suggested retail price CAD $7.99
  • Sunnyside
  • Monkey Business
  • Code: MB485
  • Shine some light onto your breakfast table with this silicon egg shaper that will make your plate a work of art. 13.8x11x2.4cm
  • Suggested retail price CAD $12.99
Rule Keyring
  • Rule Keyring
  • Monkey Business
  • Code: MB294_Group
  • Don't rule it out because of its size. The Rule Keyring is immeasurably useful and while perfectly straight, it combines classic elegance with a twist. Made of stainless steel, comes in an elegant gift box. 55 mm/2 Inches long
  • Suggested retail price CAD $7.99
  • Wireblooms
  • Monkey Business
  • Code: MB259
  • Decorative nail-in cable clips with a difference. Makes unsightly cables come to life!  Pack contains 12 leaves and 1 red bird. Nails and adaptors included.
  • Suggested retail price CAD $4.99
Tip Top Bottle Stop
  • Tip Top Bottle Stop
  • Monkey Business
  • Code: MB864
  • Keep your wine in place and your bottles like new. A silicone bottle stop that preserves your wine and makes your bottle look unopened!
  • Suggested retail price CAD $9.99
  • Magnote
  • Monkey Business
  • Code: MBMN156_Group
  • Write and re-write your notes, reminders and shopping lists on the remarkable dry-wipe MAGNOTE positioned conveniently on your fridge or any metalic surface. Comes in 2 designs – Classic Do Not Forget and Lined. MB Dry Erase marker pen included.
  • Suggested retail price CAD $12.99
Memo Mountain
  • Suggested retail price CAD $13.99
  • Bianca
  • Monkey Business
  • Code: MB312
  • Bianca carries blank notes with no effort and will display your reminders with the same pride that she shows off her teeth! Includes 240 memo notes.
  • Suggested retail price CAD $14.99
Desktop Memo Board
  • Desktop Memo Board
  • Monkey Business
  • Code: MBDM205
  • The ideal table top message centre. Use the dry erase marker pen for quick scribbles or the magnets for attaching short notes!
  • Suggested retail price CAD $17.50
Topple Display
  • Topple Display
  • Monkey Business
  • Code: MB495
  • 61 Paper cards ready for a playful, dynamic chain reaction game. Just fold the cards, place them in order, tip the first one over and watch the domino effect..5.3x3.3x8.3cm (per pack)
  • Suggested retail price CAD $5.99
Mini Messages
  • Mini Messages
  • Monkey Business
  • Code: MBMM218
  • Where no boards have gone before! Set of 6 small boards that can be mounted on walls, windows, doors, cupboards, computers... virtually ANYWHERE ! Just peel & stick, pushpins included.
  • Suggested retail price CAD $9.99
Frank's Screw Box
  • Frank's Screw Box
  • Monkey Business
  • Code: MB430
  • Monster storage! We all need to store our screws somewhere, and Frankenstein's monster likes to keep his close by, just in case…
  • Suggested retail price CAD $5.99
  • Trifold
  • Monkey Business
  • Code: MB458
  • Organizer will hold your writing utensils, paper clips, adhesive tape and memo’s in a…
  • Suggested retail price CAD $9.99
Keyboard Pirates
  • Keyboard Pirates
  • Monkey Business
  • Code: MB459
  • All aboard your keyboard! Place a note between their fingers and slot them between your keyboard keys, they will get the message across, guaranteed!
  • Suggested retail price CAD $10.99
  • Suggested retail price CAD $14.99
Redfish Trivet
  • Suggested retail price CAD $17.99
Forest Toothpick Dispenser
  • Suggested retail price CAD $11.99
Staple City
  • Staple City
  • Monkey Business
  • Code: MB480
  • This high rise stapler dock will add beauty to your work space keeping your refills organized and handy. Staples and mini stapler included. Dimensions: 10x8x7cm
  • Suggested retail price CAD $12.99
Set Sail Napkin Holder
  • Suggested retail price CAD $29.99
Table tree Cutlery holder
  • Suggested retail price CAD $13.99
Skyline Ruler-New York
  • Skyline Ruler-New York
  • Monkey Business
  • Code: MB796
  • Use the straight side of the ruler for everyday measuring or take the scenic route when you have time to spare. The perfect gift to bring home from your travels.
  • Suggested retail price CAD $8.99