Unicorn Tea Infuser
  • Suggested retail price CAD $19.99
Tokidoki Bento Box
  • Suggested retail price CAD $19.99
Urban Jungle Panther Watering Can
  • Suggested retail price CAD $59.99
Bear Bottle Stopper
  • Suggested retail price CAD $19.99


Pint Shot Glasses
  • Pint Shot Glasses
  • thumbsUp!
  • Shot glasses inspired by the classic British pint glass. Perfect for looking like you're having a quiet drink.
  • Suggested retail price CAD $19.99
Quiz Drink Mats
  • Quiz Drink Mats
  • thumbsUp!
  • Bring the pub quiz to you every night of the week with these Quiz Drinks Mats.
  • Suggested retail price CAD $26.99
Savanna Bottle Opener Panther
  • Suggested retail price CAD $29.99
Hammer Flask with Funnel
  • Hammer Flask with Funnel
  • Urban Trend
  • Code: UT10082
  • Work getting you down? Now you can work and get hammered at the same time with our hammered flask and bottle opener. This hidden…
  • Suggested retail price CAD $24.99


Basics Magnetic Timer
  • Basics Magnetic Timer
  • Balvi
  • Code: BV24800
  • Kitchen timer that looks like an old steam gauge, as you set the timer the red backround appears.
  • Suggested retail price CAD $12.99
La Bella-Black
  • Suggested retail price CAD $7.99
Sumo Eggs
  • Sumo Eggs
  • Peleg Design
  • Code: PE906
  • With this pair of red and black sumo egg holders, you can start a little-but-tasty food fight of your own. And remember, the winner breaks it all!
  • Suggested retail price CAD $16.99
Tomato Kitchen Scale
  • Suggested retail price CAD $34.99


La Bella small-White
  • La Bella small-White
  • Monkey Business
  • Code: MB892
  • For multiple tagging at home or on the go - for small jars, drinking bottles, small boxes and more. Band stretches to fit any diameter between 5-8cm.
  • Suggested retail price CAD $6.99
Candle to Go-Birthday
  • Candle to Go-Birthday
  • Donkey
  • Code: DK220206
  • The birthday cake on the go! If baking is not your specialty is, here is the perfect birthday greeting for all: the candle to go Birthday! A candle that looks like a mini-cake, includes 8 small candles so you can reuse it and celebrate again.
  • Suggested retail price CAD $6.99
Charging Charlie-Black
  • Charging Charlie-Black
  • Peleg Design
  • Code: PE394
  • Your cable is in good hands! Now a dedicated fireman but formerly a cable guy, Charlie is the man in charge. He will hold your cellphone charger cable during charging and will keep it in position and ready for action when you are out and about.
  • Suggested retail price CAD $9.99
Glamrock Gold Optical Mouse Pat Says Now
  • Glamrock Gold Optical Mouse Pat Says Now
  • Pat Says Now
  • Code: 1159
  • This special-edition mouse is limited to 999 units and decorated with 33 original Swarovski crystals. The Glamrock features a timelessly beautiful cross handcrafted with 33 sparkling crystals. Pat Says Now has created a shining piece of genuine glamour. Enjoy the lovely feeling of owning a truly amazing bijou, a stylish masterpiece on your desk that makes every click a pleasure.
  • Suggested retail price CAD $29.99