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3D Face Mats
  • 3D Face Mats
  • Paladone
  • Code: PP3008FM
  • A great way to have fun and break the ice at parties, this set of 3D Motion Face Coasters are a cheeky, laugh-out-loud addition to your drinking fun. 
  • Suggested retail price CAD $12.99
Blow Football
  • Blow Football
  • Paladone
  • Code: PP0507
  • Bring the skill and excitement of the beautiful game to your desk with this blow football set. Comes with two goals, two card goalies, a plastic football and six straws.
  • Suggested retail price CAD $3.99
Desktop Bowling Skittles
  • Desktop Bowling Skittles
  • Paladone
  • Code: PP0583
  • This set of Desktop Skittles from Paladone Products is a fantastic way to beat the office boredom blues during your daily grind. Each set comprises six...
  • Suggested retail price CAD $7.99
Doodle Stylus
  • Doodle Stylus
  • Paladone
  • Code: PP0700
  • Get doodling on your touchscreen with the Doodle Stylus. This detachable keychain has an electro conductive tip to enable you to draw on a touchable screen.
  • Suggested retail price CAD $6.99
Drum Up Some Ideas Stationery Set
  • Suggested retail price CAD $9.99
Groovy Baby Sponge
  • Groovy Baby Sponge
  • Paladone
  • Code: PP0381
  • The washing up bowl is this gal’s dance floor so just crank up some classic disco tunes and let her work her magic on your pots and pans. Standing at...
  • Suggested retail price CAD $6.99
Killer Shots-2pk
  • Suggested retail price CAD $4.99
Monster Knife Set
  • Monster Knife Set
  • Paladone
  • Code: PP0547
  • Not all kitchen accessories have to be boring and mundane, why not treat yourself and your kitchen to this quirky Monster Knife Set! A kitchen...
  • Suggested retail price CAD $79.99
Pac-Man Washbag
  • Pac-Man Washbag
  • Paladone
  • Code: PP0485PM
  • Keep clean with this retro washbag. Power pellets not included! (100 % Polyester)
  • Suggested retail price CAD $12.99
Shot Roulette
  • Shot Roulette
  • Paladone
  • Code: PP0803
  • Roulette with a twist! Wherever the ball lands, the corresponding shot must be taken.
  • Suggested retail price CAD $24.99
Street Fighter LED Flashlight with sound
  • Suggested retail price CAD $8.99
  • Stressberry
  • Paladone
  • Code: PP0279
  • Have you ever been so frustrated by a conversation that you have wanted to throw your phone against the wall...
  • Suggested retail price CAD $4.99
Super Magnets
  • Super Magnets
  • Paladone
  • Code: PP0576
  • Animate your fridge with this super selection of comic book sounds! Contains 9 designs.
  • Suggested retail price CAD $3.99
Tin Can Alley Bath Shooting Game
  • Suggested retail price CAD $12.99
Union Jack Punk Washing Up Brush
  • Union Jack Punk Washing Up Brush
  • Paladone
  • Code: PP0303
  • Show your allegiance to the Queen with this slightly subversive Union Jack Punk Washing Up Brush.An update on the previous Punk Washing Up Brush…
  • Suggested retail price CAD $6.99