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Emergency Moustaches
  • Emergency Moustaches
  • Gift Republic
  • Code: GR420001
  • Ever need to find a disguise at short notice? Well fear not, our Emergency Moustaches can instantly transform you and are packaged in handy sachets which you can keep on you at all times! 6 Styles per box, POS of 10.
  • Suggested retail price CAD $9.99
Moustache Door Mat
  • Moustache Door Mat
  • Thabto
  • Code: TH013
  • Real gentlemen (& of course ladies) wipe their feet before entering any decent establishment. What better way to do so than…
  • Suggested retail price CAD $29.99
Pin the Moustache on the Cowboy
  • Pin the Moustache on the Cowboy
  • Paladone
  • Code: PP0530
  • Pin the Moustache on the Cowboy is a great party game for anyone who loved pin the tail on the donkey when they were a kid. Inside each set is…
  • Suggested retail price CAD $9.99
Moustache Straws
  • Moustache Straws
  • Paladone
  • Code: PP0563
  • Moustaches are back in fashion and what better way to experiment with this look than with these cool Moustache Straws! The Moustache Straw set contains...
  • Suggested retail price CAD $8.99
Moustache Mug
  • Moustache Mug
  • Paladone
  • Code: PP2222
  • Larger than average sized white, stoneware mug with two types of moustache printed on each side. Moustaches are...
  • Suggested retail price CAD $13.99
Moustache Glass
  • Moustache Glass
  • Paladone
  • Code: PP0868
  • Facial hair is the mark of a true gentleman but some find it hard to grow and maintain a well-groomed moustache. Help is at hand with the Moustache Glass and its image of a rather fabulous bushy moustache on the front.
  • Suggested retail price CAD $11.99
Moustache Drawing Set
  • Moustache Drawing Set
  • Paladone
  • Code: PP0684
  • Fancy sporting a moustache but not prepared to put in the effort cultivating it? This Moustache Drawing Set is the perfect answer…
  • Suggested retail price CAD $4.99
Moustache Pen Toppers
  • Moustache Pen Toppers
  • Paladone
  • Code: PP0685
  • Your own magnificent moustache, mounted on a really useful pen! Three different designs included so you can choose your favourite look!
  • Suggested retail price CAD $4.99
Moustache Fridge Magnets
  • Moustache Fridge Magnets
  • Thabto
  • Code: TH019
  • Stick your photos to your fridge with style! This wonderful selection of magnetic moustaches are designed to hold your photos on your fridge…
  • Suggested retail price CAD $9.99
The Car Moustache Magnet
  • The Car Moustache Magnet
  • Paladone
  • Code: PP0937
  • Everything looks better with a mustache, right? This 55cm wide magnetic ‘stache is perfect for dressing up your car, fridge or tool shed!
  • Suggested retail price CAD $12.99
Photo Booth Party
  • Photo Booth Party
  • DOIY
  • Code: DY044
  • Mustaches, hats, ties, glasses ... add fun to your parties with the PHOTOBOOTH. Containing 20 different props, it’s...
  • Suggested retail price CAD $19.99
Tattoo Hipsta Forever
  • Tattoo Hipsta Forever
  • Donkey
  • Code: DK330503
  • Everybody knows tattoos are cool. Crying in the parlour while a frightening man tattoos your body, however is not. Avoid this with our six different tattoo packs!
  • Suggested retail price CAD $8.99
Hipster Guide
  • Hipster Guide
  • Donkey
  • Code: DK400715
  • For all wannabe hipsters and hipster deniers, the Hipster Guide is full of entertaining definitions, temporary tattoos and a humorous test that’ll reveal your hipster potential. It’s in English, of course, fool!
  • Suggested retail price CAD $14.99
Emergency Moustaches-Iconic Edition
  • Suggested retail price CAD $9.99