Bombed Beer Pong
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Bombed Beer Pong

Product Code: TR20546

The new way to play beer pong! Bombed is the new and improved version of the popular party game that has exploded across the nation. You might know it as beer pong, but now it's time to get BOMBED! With the new racks, the cups will align perfectly every time, in no time. Plus, you'll never have to worry about spilling or knocking over cups, making clean-up a snap. Never ruin your table or floors again! The Bombed racks fit most standard size cups and is a must have for any serious player. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use. The kit includes 2 racks, 20 cups, 2 wash cups, 3 balls, and the official BOMBED rules. Sink it, Drink it, Get Bombed!
Suggested retail price: CAD $21.99

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