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  • Rubber Jonny Erasers-3Pk
    Rubber Jonny Erasers-3Pk
    Product code :LK012
    It's always better to be safe than sorry so carrying a Rubber Jonny around with you is the sensible thing to do and with three in a box, there's no excuse! In short, Rubber Jonny is a pencil eraser that looks exactly like a condom. Prevent Mistakes with Rubber Jonny. Ahem...
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    Suggested Retail Price : $5.99

  • Bamforth Double (E)gg Cups
    Bamforth Double (E)gg Cups
    Product code :PP0511BF
    This perfectly formed Double (E)gg Cup will ensure you start each day with a smile by reminding you of the buxom bathing belles which regularly featured on the Bamforth postcards.
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    Suggested Retail Price : $17.99

  • Bamforth Cheeky Mug
    Bamforth Cheeky Mug
    Product code :PP0513BF
    Bring the fun of the British seaside to your work place with the Cheeky Mug officially licensed by saucy, vintage postcard manufacturer, Bamforth & Co.
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    Suggested Retail Price : $19.99

  • Peeping Tom Heat Change Mug
    Peeping Tom Heat Change Mug
    Product code :PP0656
    This cheeky mug is the perfect gift for anyone who likes a bit of naughtiness in their life. The Pin Up Girl Heat Revealing Mug changes…
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    Suggested Retail Price : $11.99

  • Condom Mirror
    Condom Mirror
    Product code :QG28
    Is it a condom? No, its a mirror! Makes a great bachelorette or gag gift!
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    Suggested Retail Price : $13.99

  • Little Black Book
    Little Black Book
    Product code :SH1234
    Is she a hottie or a naughty? Your Little Black Book not only takes high risk numbers off your phone, but also comes with a unique pint rating system, so you can jog your memory next time you are tempted to make that call.
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    Suggested Retail Price : $9.99

  • Gay Bar Soap
    Gay Bar Soap
    Product code :SH1236
    What would you prefer; a fight club or a gay bar?  Well, whatever your preference, we’re sure you’ll love our kitsch, camp, queen of the bathroom – Gay Bar (of soap).
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    Suggested Retail Price : $8.99

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