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  • Undercover Mini Sleeve
    Undercover Mini Sleeve
    Product code :LK008
    The Undercover Mini is the ideal size to keep your mp3 player, keys, camera and bank card in but the joy of it is it just looks like a scruffy old envelope. Made of indestructible tyvek,- so its splashproof, tearproof and also padded for maximum protection.
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    Suggested Retail Price : $9.99

  • Chill Pill Ice Tray
    Chill Pill Ice Tray
    Product code :LK011
    This cool ice cube tray makes nice, bulky cubes to chill any drink. Chill Pill is designed to look like a tab of two pills. Tear it in two so it fits into any freezer!
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    Suggested Retail Price : $8.99

  • Rubber Jonny Erasers-3Pk
    Rubber Jonny Erasers-3Pk
    Product code :LK012
    It's always better to be safe than sorry so carrying a Rubber Jonny around with you is the sensible thing to do and with three in a box, there's no excuse! In short, Rubber Jonny is a pencil eraser that looks exactly like a condom. Prevent Mistakes with Rubber Jonny. Ahem...
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    Suggested Retail Price : $5.99

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