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  • Luckies Dinner Party Napkins
    Luckies Dinner Party Napkins
    Product code :LK003
    These super cool Dinner Party Napkins are printed with games, tests, puzzles and activities to banish any hint of an awkward silence, and keep the conversation flowing freely. Includes a 'Host's Guide' explaining additional handy information such as what each guests handwriting means about them. Pack of 16 3 ply napkins, 33 x 33 cm.
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    Suggested Retail Price : $5.50

  • Undercover Mini Sleeve
    Undercover Mini Sleeve
    Product code :LK008
    The Undercover Mini is the ideal size to keep your mp3 player, keys, camera and bank card in but the joy of it is it just looks like a scruffy old envelope. Made of indestructible tyvek,- so its splashproof, tearproof and also padded for maximum protection.
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    Suggested Retail Price : $9.99

  • Waterproof Notebook
    Waterproof Notebook
    Product code :LK009
    Ever had an idea while in the shower only to forget it as soon as you're out? Well now you can take the Waterproof Notebook in with you so you'll never forget another idea again. Comes with a graphite pencil so you can write on it in water, under water or near water, without fear of the ink running or the paper being destroyed.
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    Suggested Retail Price : $13.99

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